e2Care - Make your self-healing e-way

The e2Care Project is an initiative of the Community Rehabilitation Network (CRN) adapting the latest information technology on community rehabilitation services. It enhances and expands CRN’s service coverage with a one-stop and barrier-free self-learning and health management platform for people with chronic health conditions, caregivers and health-conscious citizens in Hong Kong, enabling them to make their way to longstanding well-being with a managed healthy lifestyle.



e2Care applications and services

e2Care provides the following applications and services:

  1. Health Management System (HMS) — It allows patients, caregivers and relevant health professionals to self-administer online registration, service matching, program enrolment and personal health monitoring;
  2. Learning Management System (LMS) — It comprises e-learning courses of disease-specific self-management, self-management applications, open health educational e-resources for the public, a self-help organisations search engine and a mutual-aid experience sharing platform (The major target group of the initial phase includes patients of hypertension, diabetes, overweight or obesity, aphasia; and stroke, as well as caregivers of stroke patients);
  3. Online Service Assessment — This continuous assessment programme aims to keep track of users’ needs and to conduct auto-matching of e2care and CRN’s services for each users, personalizing and keeping up our services with the times;
  4. Blended Learning — It incorporates e-learning to classroom teaching and brings motivating, effective and multi-functional learning experience to patients, caregivers and volunteers;
  5. Professional intervention in e-learning — It enhances effectiveness and efficiency on communication rehabilitation designated for stroke patients with aphasia (people with communication and speech problems);
  6. e2Care Orientation workshop — In the workshop, patients and caregivers are trained with necessary skills to utilize the e2Care website and mobile applications, to minimize e-learning barriers;
  7. e2Care System Management Training Course — This course for volunteers, colleagues, collaborators, patient self-help groups, health care and social service professionals equips its participants with knowledge and skills for managing PMS, LMS, e-learning courses and self-management applications;
  8. Public education — Through multimedia, the public education initiative aims to increase the public awareness on chronic illnesses and needs of patients and caregivers.